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Alzheimer's Home Care in Vienna

Signs Your Senior Parent Needs Alzheimer’s Care

It can be difficult to tell when a senior parent with Alzheimer’s needs more help around the house. Adult children may not notice the subtle signs of decline that indicate a parent with Alzheimer’s needs help.

By the time it’s obvious a senior parent needs help, it may be difficult to find the right Alzheimer’s home care. It’s better to start Alzheimer’s home care sooner rather than later for your parent. By getting care for your senior parent now, you are giving them time to bond with a caregiver. The more they know the caregiver now, the easier it will be in the future as their recognition declines.

If you’re seeing any of these signs, then look into local Alzheimer’s home care for your senior parent:

Leaving Things On

If you notice your senior loved one is starting to leave things on all the time, it’s time to get Alzheimer’s home care. Often seniors with Alzheimer’s will leave a faucet on, or leave the shower on. They may turn the stove on and leave it on or leave on a kitchen appliance. They may also turn up the heating or air conditioning. Those types of incidents can create a fire or flood hazard in the house. Having a caregiver with them will reduce the risk of serious incidents.

Getting Out Of Bed At Night

Your senior parent may not be wandering yet. If they frequently wake up at night, then they may need a caregiver around the clock. Getting out of bed can quickly turn into wandering outside and getting lost. Alzheimer’s home care is an important security measure to keep them safely at home. Motion activated security cameras will tell you if they leave the house.

Not Eating Or Drinking

If your senior loved one is losing weight or dehydrated, they are not consuming enough during the day. One of the many manifestations of Alzheimer’s is being unable to read the body’s cues. So your senior parent may not tell when they are hungry and thirsty. A caregiver who is with your senior parent during the day can ensure that your senior loved one is eating and drinking regularly.

Unable to Do Everyday Tasks

When your senior parent reaches the point where they don’t remember how to do things like make coffee or tea, get dressed, or perform other daily tasks they need Alzheimer’s care to make sure that their basic needs are being met.

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