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Speech Therapy Advice for Family Caregivers

September 20, 2023
Family Caregivers: Speech Therapy in Sterling VA

If you’re a family caregiver, be sure to check out speech therapy for your senior loved one so they can maintain this cognitive skill.

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Skilled Nursing Helps With Rehabilitation After a Hospital Stay

September 7, 2023
Post-Hospital Care: Skilled Nursing Leesburg VA

Recovering after a hospital stay can be intimidating for aging adults, but skilled nursing can help ensure a safe and comfortable recovery.

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Elder Care Tips to Understanding Common Fears Among The Elderly

August 21, 2023
Senior Fears: Elder Care Manassas VA

It’s important to acknowledge the fears our senior loved ones have as they age. With the help of elder care, it can give them peace of mind.

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Home Health Care Advice Post Mastectomy

August 7, 2023
Mastectomy: Home Health Care Leesburg VA

Having a home health care provider for your mom post mastectomy is crucial for care and a successful recovery.

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Home Care Helps Maximize Yoga Benefits For Seniors

July 26, 2023
Senior Yoga: Home Care Arlington VA

Home care supports your senior loved one in their yoga journey, as it’s benefits help maintain their flexibility and strength as they age.

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How Speech Therapy Helps Seniors Remain More Independent

July 7, 2023
Speech Therapy Herndon VA

Speech therapy is a great way for seniors to keep up on their cognitive functions and remain as independent as possible as they age.

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How Elder Care Can Help Seniors Stay Organized

June 20, 2023
Organization: Elder Care McLean VA

Elder care providers can assist your senior loved ones in organizing both their home and daily routines to help improve aging in place.

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Home Health Care Services: What You Need to Know

June 8, 2023
Home Health Care Herndon VA

Home health care is very beneficial for your senior loved one who is recovering from a hospital stay or is in need of an in-home nurse.

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Alzheimer’s Care Advice for Angry Seniors

May 31, 2023
Senior Anger: Alzheimer's Care Leesburg VA

Alzheimer’s care for a senior loved one can be tricky, especially if they have mood swings. Here is how to calm them down if they get angry.

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Health Conditions That Benefit From Speech Therapy

May 10, 2023
Senior Conditions: Speech Therapy Leesburg VA

When a senior develops communication difficulty due to certain health conditions, speech therapy can help restrengthen those skills.

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