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What Does Care With LOVE Offer?

Every day, our team of compassionate caregivers is committed to being there for your loved one’s needs. If your goal is to maintain your loved one’s independence in their home for as long as possible, we can offer you specialized solutions to ensure their comfort. As your parent copes with symptoms of dementia, we will work to improve their quality of life through dependable in-home caregiving that protects their dignity amid changes to their physical and mental faculties.

Below is a list of the most common services our specially trained, licensed and bonded professionals can offer your loved one. However, if you don’t see what you need to make your loved one happy, be sure to inquire! We aim to tailor a care plan to meet your loved one’s special needs.

The more we age, the more difficult it becomes to preform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Care with Love understands that these changes can be frustrating to cope with so that’s why we bring expert personal care services to your loved one’s life.

Activities as simple as housecleaning, showering & grooming, preparing meals, and much more can become a burden on you and your loved one. As they become more difficult to preform, we can often ignore these tasks and overall hurt our wellbeing in the long run.

Seniors shouldn’t have to go at it alone. Our home assistance for seniors can make a world of difference for them and ultimately lead to a better state of mind.

Our Team Specializes in caring for Dementia/Alzheimers: 

We make sure that the care plan we develop  takes into account the particular dementia-related challenges they’re facing, as well as the ones you encounter in coping with your responsibilities to them. We offer the chance for your loved one to take on these challenges in the environment best suited to nurturing their memory – their very own home through our dementia home care program.


Medical Skilled Care includes:

  • Medication & Injection Administration.
  • Respiratory Treatments
  • Feeding Tube Care
  • Catheter and Osmotic Care
  • Wound Care

Care With LOVE is proud to be one of the best healthcare staffing companies for different local Communities and Rehabs. Our team of Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and Medical Technicians will provide professional care to patients/residents through a variety of services.

Care With Love offers Regular, Wheelchair, & Stretcher Transportation. We can send a driver as well as one of our beloved caregivers to help and accompany you in any of these tasks and more:

  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Visits to Family or Friends
  • Grocery Shopping or Other Errands

Child Care

At Care with LOVE, we know there is nothing more precious to you than your child!

Our caregivers love serving your child and meeting any special needs they might have. Care with LOVE’s team can give your child the support they need in a variety of settings, from the hospital to your home, in coordination with his or her physician, case manager, or other important people.

If you’re concerned about arrangements with your insurance company, and certain that you want trained and compassionate health care professionals supporting your child and meeting their needs, Care with LOVE is there for you! We will coordinate with your insurance company and help you get your family life restored to the happy place you want!

Learn more about our child care services.

Care with LOVE can support your loved one with special needs in living a happy and independent life!

Our team of certified nursing assistants have a passion for serving children, and each has a certificate in working with with children with autism.

Besides providing your child with the right personal care, we also set them on the road to more independence by teaching them daily skills.

Learn more about our Special Needs care services.

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