Medical Health Care

At Care with Love, we go to great lengths to ensure that your loved one has a strong sense of independence while still staying safe with our skilled home health providers, right here in Northern VA. We offer a full suite of medical health care services tailored to make your loved one's life easier.

Stress-free In-home Medical Care

As we transition from our youthful days to our senior days, our bodies go through certain changes, some of which are involuntary and unwanted (to say the least!). Issues such as wounds, speech impediments, limited mobility, and respiratory issues are among the few ailments one might experience as they age, and we are equipped to assist, with love.

Care With Love offers medical health care for your loved ones to make managing these changes less frightening. All of our services are offered in the comfort of your love one's own home, so there’s no need to transport them across great distances.


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    Registered Nurses (RNs)

    • Provide a Comprehensive Assessment
    • Administer Medication
    • Develop a Full Care Plan with the Family & Primary Physician
    • Educate Family Members
    • Monitor & Assess Patient’s Progression
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    Physical Therapists (PTs)

    • Assist with Injuries & Chronic Health Conditions
    • Manage Pain & Improve Quality of Life
    • Assist With Range of Motion
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    Occupational Therapists (OTs)

    • Assist with Physical and Cognitive Changes
    • Focus on Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) & Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).
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    Speech/Language Pathologist Therapy

    • Evaluate, diagnose, and treat speech and or language disorders or difficulties
    • Assist with common swallowing issues as the body ages
    • Improve eating and communicating habits
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    Medical Health Care Social Workers

    • Provide access to vital resources your loved ones may need (Specialized Doctors, Physicians, Medications, & More)
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    Wound Care Program

    • We treat non-healing and complex wounds in-home
    • Wound VAC / Wound CARE Certified Nurses
    • Weekly assessments and education on wound care, diet, and change in treatment plan, as appropriate per physicians orders
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    Post-Surgery Care Program

    • Identifying early signs and symptoms of potential health risks allowing for quick management to prevent re-hospitalization
    • In-home therapy after surgery to optimize strength prior to going to out-patient therapy

Would You Like to Learn More?

We'd love to offer you a complimentary consultation to assess how we can meet your loved one's needs with a specialized medical care plan. Please call or write us today!