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In-Home Care in Leesburg

Providing the Best In-Home Care for Your Dad

Your dad is getting older and struggles to maintain his independence when he lives alone. You’ve heard of in-home care. What can it do to help your dad with his goal of remaining in his home, even as his need for help increases?

Your Dad Isn’t Alone or Isolated.

You work 40 hours a week and have an hour’s commute on top of that. You’re busy at least nine hours each day, and your dad is alone when you’re not free. You worry about him being alone and isolated, but with home care services, your dad isn’t alone anymore. He has company, which gives you peace of mind and protects him from loneliness.

He Eats Well Without Your Time and Effort

You make sure your dad eats a balanced diet, but it’s tough to find the time to make sure his meals are prepared. You’ve been prepping as much as you can on the weekends. After work, you stop in and cook his meal before you head to your house to reheat dinner for your kids and walk your dog.

When you arrange to have caregivers for meal preparation services, your dad eats a balanced diet. You can go home after work; your weekends are open for fun outings and activities with your dad.

Your Dad’s Home Is Cleaned and Organized

When you have a home care aide helping out, your dad’s home is kept clean and organized. Light housekeeping chores like dusting, vacuuming, and laundry are completed each week. He has a caregiver available to swap his towels for clean ones, change his sheets, and make his bed. The laundry gets washed and dried before folding it and putting it away.

He Has Someone to Run Errands With

Because you’re at work, you can’t drop everything to take your dad to the pharmacy to refill his prescription. He’s out of milk and can’t drive or walk miles to the nearest store. You have to take your lunch break to get the things he needs or pick him up and help him run errands.

You’re used to taking a personal day when he has medical appointments. However, you only get three personal days a year, and if you need a day off, you need to take them unpaid. You’re using up vacation time if you’re sick and need to stay home. It’s frustrating. An in-home care aide can accompany him to appointments and tell him what the doctor says afterward.

Caregivers Work With You to Provide the Best Possible Care For Your Dad

Caregivers are a partner in your dad’s care. You’re not the only one helping him out. You can help him when you have time, but you don’t have to stop working or reduce your hours and pay. When you’re at work, his in-home care aide is with you. When you’re free, you can take over and provide his care.

Arrange in-home care by gathering your list of questions, your dad’s questions, and calling a specialist. Learn more about the services in his town and the cost of in-home care. End the call by booking the arrangements that fit your dad’s needs. Call today.

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