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Personal Care at Home in Ashburn

How Personal Care Can Help Seniors With Parkinson’s

Seniors with Parkinson’s can face unique challenges in staying safe at home. If your senior parent has Parkinson’s and wants to stay home, getting around the house is a challenge. As Parkinson’s progresses, it causes seniors to lose balance. Even standing and walking becomes more difficult and dangerous. It causes tremors and makes it challenging to use mobility aids like canes or walkers. Personal care at home for seniors helps avoid falls and injuries caused by poor mobility. Personal care at home can help seniors with things like:


Showering is necessary, but wet floors are dangerous for anyone. But they also have added physical challenges, a senior’s falling risk, and severe injuries. But with a care provider trained in transferring, your senior loved one can safely navigate the shower even if they have Parkinson’s. A steadying hand and someone to ensure the floor isn’t wet or slippery can make all the difference in keeping your senior loved one safe at home.

Getting In And Out Of Bed

It can be a real struggle for seniors to get in and out of bed, especially if their bed is short. With help from an experienced care provider, getting in or out of bed will be much more manageable. Undoubtedly, safely getting into or out of bed can help improve your senior loved one’s sleep quality because they won’t be in pain or worried about getting out of bed safely.

Getting Dressed Safely

Getting dressed can also be difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s. Buttons, zippers, pulling arms through shirts with sleeves, and putting on socks and shoes can be difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s. But with help, seniors get dressed while maintaining their dignity; your senior loved one can look and feel great every day. It’s important for seniors to feel that they look classy. So personal care at home can help them get into their favorite clothes daily.

Moving Around The House

Seniors who fall at home can sustain serious injuries. Additionally, seniors with Parkinson’s are always at risk of falling. But with a care provider at home, seniors can move safely around the house. Personal care provides safe movement without dodging clutter or tripping on area rugs. Care providers will safely assist your senior loved ones, so they are safe even when their Parkinson’s disease becomes advanced.

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