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Senior Hydration: Personal Care at Home Arlington VA

Personal Care at Home Advice For Keeping Senior Hydrated

Hydration is important for all humans but can be especially important for seniors. They may forget to drink water, be unable to hold certain cups anymore, or struggle to get their fluids. If this sounds like your mom or dad, it’s time to hire personal care at home if your loved one is determined to age in place. These professionals will ensure that your mom or dad is drinking enough water daily, paying attention to hydration, and, most importantly, dehydration. But what are the signs of hydration and dehydration? If you are caring for your loved one, you should know the signs.

Signs Your Senior Is Well Hydrated

Knowing the signs of a well-hydrated senior may seem silly to learn, but it is just as important as looking for signs of dehydration. Here are some things you or personal care at home can look for to ensure your loved one is well-hydrated.

Bowel Movements

Your senior should be experiencing regular bowel movements and going to the bathroom regularly. Their urine should be a pale yellow color. They will notice this and should feel comfortable enough to mention if it is an off-putting color.

Supple Skin

If their skin is dry, it may be a sign they need more water. When a senior drinks enough fluids, their skin should appear soft and supple. Not dry and cracked.

Normal Heart Rate

Did you know that water will impact heart rate? Someone who is well-hydrated will have a normal heart rate, while someone who is dehydrated will have a higher heart rate. The best way to check this is through a machine or by having personal care at home check a senior’s heart rate.


Your senior should be sweating a normal amount during physical activity. However, if they aren’t sweating or overly sweaty, it could be a sign of dehydration.

Signs of Dehydration

Signs of a well-hydrated person can vary, but your senior should be focused on drinking enough fluids throughout the day. This is often put on the backburner, but something that personal care at home can surely help with.

Just like knowing the signs of hydration is important, knowing the signs of dehydration is also crucial when caring for a senior. When a senior is dehydrated, it could be deadly. You may think they only need to focus on fluids during the summer, but a senior can become dehydrated any time of the year, including winter. Here are some signs of dehydration.


Your seniors may complain of feeling incredibly thirsty when they are dehydrated. It is so important to listen to your body no matter what age you are. They may also experience dry mouth if they are super thirsty.


A senior may start feeling tired or extremely fatigued if they are not drinking enough water. They may also feel dizzy due to tiredness or a drop in blood pressure.

Muscle Cramps

You may not know this, but a lack of water can lead to muscle cramps and pains. This can be extremely uncomfortable for your loved one.

If dehydration becomes an issue, your senior should drink water; if it becomes too severe, they may have to go to the hospital to receive the needed fluids. It is crucial for someone to be watching how much fluids they take in every day.

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