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How Speech Therapy Can Help Seniors With Stroke Recovery

After a senior has had a stroke, their recovery can take a long time. If your senior parent had a serious stroke that left them with some paralysis or muscle damage they may need to learn how to do simple things again. Once your senior parent is released from the hospital, they will need to start the serious part of recovery. Recovering at home is often recommended for seniors, especially if they need to recover some of their physical mobility and skills. One of the most important things to remember if your senior parent is recovering from a stroke is to remember that small consistent actions give them the best chance to recover.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help seniors who have had a stroke recover their ability to speak clearly and swallow. This type of therapy is designed to strengthen a senior’s throat muscles so that they have been control of those muscles and better use of those muscles. Getting speech therapy for seniors who have had a stroke as quickly as possible after they are released from the hospital gives seniors the best chance to recover their ability to speak clearly and strongly.

Healthy Meals

Seniors need to be eating regular healthy meals while they recover. A balanced diet that is plant based with some lean protein will help seniors rebuild muscle that they lost while they were in the hospital and give them the vitamins and nutrients they need to get strong again. Seniors will probably not be able to cook healthy meals for themselves or shop for food while they recover. Grocery delivery makes it easy to keep the house full of healthy food and home care can help seniors by making healthy meals for them.

Home Care

Home care providers can give seniors the practical support they need to recover at home. A home care provider can cook meals, wash dishes, do laundry, sweep and mop, and make sure that the errands get run. They can also help your senior parent get dressed, get to the bathroom, and take their medication. Home care ensures that your senior parent won’t be alone at home while they recover if you can’t be there because of work or child care or other responsibilities.

Physical Therapy

In addition to speech therapy, physical therapy is necessary for seniors after a stroke. Physical therapy can help seniors strengthen their muscles after being in a hospital for a long time and help them get their mobility back. Physical therapy at home will help seniors without forcing them to make the uncomfortable trip to a medical office for physical therapy sessions. As seniors get stronger they may choose to do other types of therapy as well.

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