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Organization: Elder Care McLean VA

How Elder Care Can Help Seniors Stay Organized

Organization is crucial for everyone, no matter what their age is. For seniors, it helps keep their house safe, it helps keep documents secure for only certain people to have access, it reduces stress for elder care, and it’s the ultimate safety measure for your loved one. This often gets put on the back burner as your loved one ages. But if they want to age in place, organization and cleanliness should be one of the main things they focus on in life, and it is something that elder care can benefit from too.

How Elder Care Can Help

When elder care is brand new, there may be a lot of things to go through, and it is something the family and seniors may need to help with. Firstly, there should be a binder set up for medical emergencies. This should have information on who to call in case of an emergency, who a senior’s doctor is, insurance information, legal information, and more. This is going to be so crucial for a new caregiver, and it is something that should not be overlooked.

Organize the House

A cluttered home can be a health hazard to your senior. Not only will they be unable to find anything, but they may also get frustrated that they lost crucial information that helps with things like payments or doctor’s appointments. If your senior has a hard time cleaning their home and keeping things organized, this is a project they can do with a senior to keep things sorted out. Important information in a binder in easy reach but out of sight of wandering eyes.

Things should be picked up off the floor to prevent falls, the kitchen should be organized for a senior’s safety, and everything down to the closet should also be organized to help keep your loved one living independently. Take the time to go through room-by-room organizing and decluttering.

Create a System

Your senior may not have a system that allows them to organize, which is why they’ve never done it. Elder care can help create a system that will allow seniors to create a daily routine that will help them thrive in older age. If your senior has ideas on organizing their home, elder care should always listen; if your senior does not, elder care can provide some ideas. The most important thing to understand is that this is still the seniors’ house, and they need to organize it in a way that makes them comfortable and will allow them to be happy with the changes being made.

Always Think About Safety

The focus of the organization is safety. A clean house can help prevent germs, falls, and more. It will keep a senior safe in their homes and help in case of an emergency. Important documents should also be kept somewhere safe, allowing family or a senior to locate them in case of financial emergencies. There is so much to think about when it comes to organization, and it can be an overwhelming task. Set aside a few hours every week to organize and file.

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