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Chronic Illness: Home Health Care Manassas VA

Home Health Care Keeps Seniors with Chronic Illnesses Safe at Home

One of the biggest concerns that the families face when their senior loved ones choose to age at home is safety. A valid concern, especially for seniors that have chronic conditions like diabetes. Seniors who are chronically ill but really want to age in place can do so with the help of a home health care provider.

It’s very important for seniors and their families to know that seniors who have chronic illnesses have the tools they need to live safely on their own. With home health care, seniors will have medical supervision and care provided by a trained medical professional but they will also have the freedom and independence that they cherish.

Managing Medications

For seniors with chronic illnesses, taking medications on time and taking them correctly are essential to staying healthy. It’s easy for seniors to become confused to take the wrong medications at the wrong times, mix them up, or forget them entirely. With home health care, seniors will get consistent medication management that will help keep their symptoms at a minimum and keep their condition from getting worse.

Monitoring Vital Signs

Seniors who struggle with heart disease, COPD, or other serious chronic illnesses need to have their vital signs checked often. They also need to have blood tests and other tests performed regularly to be sure that they as healthy as possible. With serious chronic illnesses, small changes in test results can be warning signs of bigger problems.

The sooner those changes are caught by a medical professional, the better the chances are that a medical emergency can be prevented. Home health care makes it easier to monitor a senior’s vital signs to prevent future medical emergencies.

Tracking Symptom Progression

When seniors have progressive illnesses that can’t be cured, it’s important for a medical professional to monitor their symptom progression. Consistent symptom tracking can give your senior loved one’s doctor a better overview of their condition and prognosis. It’s much easier for a doctor to create an effective treatment plan when they have long term symptom tracking.

A home health care provider is trained to observe even small changes in your senior parent’s behavior and health. That attention to detail can really help their doctor asses their condition and plan for the future.

Answering Questions And Offering Advice

Part of managing a chronic illness is lifestyle and diet. Seniors can make better lifestyle and diet choices when they have personalized advice from a home health care provider. Home health care providers get to know your senior loved one and their lifestyle, so they can offer personalized advice and suggestions. Those personalized suggestions, along with encouragement and accountability, can lead to big improvements in your senior parent’s condition.

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