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Home Health Care in Manassast VA: Hip Fractures Home Care

Hip Fractures and Home Care for the Elderly

Most hip fractures occur because a senior citizen lands sideways when falling. In addition, women are also more likely to get a hip fracture than men due to bone loss as they age. If you are taking care of your elderly loved one when they have a hip fracture, there are some things you should know about receiving senior home health care assistance.


Making Them a First Priority

If you decide to get senior home care assistance for your elderly loved one, these home care providers will make your loved one a first priority. Sure, they may have other clients they need to take care of at other times. However, when they are at your elderly loved one’s home helping them to care for themselves and recover, the elder care providers will be solely focused on your loved one.


Expectations with the Healing Process

Did you know there are studies that show elderly people who have a hip fracture, that receives senior home care assistance often heal quicker than those who don’t receive this type of help? There are many reasons for this with one being there are higher expectations with senior home care providers. They are expected to and will check to ensure your elderly loved one is following their treatment plan, take them to the doctors, remind them to take their medications, and support them emotionally while they recover, too.


Home Care Providers Work with Family Caregivers

As noted above, there are many ways that senior home care providers will help out your elderly loved one if they have a hip fracture. The other great thing about getting these services for your elderly loved one while they are recovering from and even after they recover from a hip fracture is that they will work with family caregivers, too. So, if you are taking care of your elderly loved one now, these home care providers will talk with you about your elderly loved one’s care. They will spend time with you to discuss what changes may need to be made regarding your loved one’s treatments, too.


Beware of Reinjury

Unfortunately, there are many senior citizens who get reinjured after their first hip fracture. Part of the reason for this is that they don’t have someone helping them out every day, so they are much more likely to fall and get hurt again. This is because they are hurting and off balance. If you want to help avoid reinjury for your elderly loved one, be sure to hire senior home care providers today.


Did your elderly loved one have a hip fracture? If so, it is important they are getting all the care they need. This may include hiring senior home care providers to help out. These home care providers can help to prevent reinjuries, take your loved one to appointments, take care of their health needs at home, and so much more. Reach out today to find out more about how we can help your elderly loved one after their hip injury.


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