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Home Care in Herndon VA: Home Care Benefits

What Is Home Care and How Does It Work?

Your dad is struggling to take care of himself. As he ages and his health and abilities change, you’re worried about him living alone, but he doesn’t want to move at this stage of his life. Have you considered home care?


Understanding Home Care

What is home care? It’s an important service where a professional caregiver helps with everything from housekeeping to meal preparation. Your dad may need someone to schedule his appointments, pick up medication refills, and take him shopping. Home care aides do all of that.

A home care aide is there to offer companionship. If your dad lives alone, he has a caregiver checking in each week to make sure he’s okay, that his HVAC system is working correctly, and that he has the food items and household supplies he needs. If he’s missing anything, his caregiver can take him to a store or pick them up for him.

He may want to go for a walk at the local park or along the waterfront. His caregiver can join him on those walks. If he has a dog, the caregiver can help him walk his dog.

A caregiver can help your dad sort his mail and let you know if bills need to be paid. If your dad can pay his bills, his caregiver can help him get set up online or put the stamped envelopes in the mailbox. His caregiver can cook meals, prepare snacks, and keep your dad company while he eats.

Caregivers can help with personal care, too. If your dad has a hard time brushing and flossing his teeth due to arthritis in his fingers, his caregiver can help him. He may not be able to lift his arm high enough to wash his hair. He can have a home care aide help him.

Your dad’s caregiver can change his sheets and wash the dirty ones. Towels are swapped out and laundered. His dirty clothes are sorted and washed. If anything needs ironing after it’s dried, his caregiver can do that, too.


What Happens Next?

When you call a home care agency or complete a form on the website, you’ll start to talk about your dad’s needs. Go over his health, what he’s able to do without help, and where a helping hand is needed. An advisor helps you create a comprehensive care plan that offers the help your dad needs to stay independent.

On the day the caregiver arrives, your dad will get to know his aide. You can be available without getting in the way. Your dad may be comforted knowing you’re nearby while he adjusts to having someone else helping out.

All it takes to get started is a call or to complete that online form. You’ll work with a home care specialist to book the services your mom needs. Arrange home care today.


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