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Celebrate These Nurses During Black History Month

Black History Month dates back to 1915, when established by Dr. Carter Woodson. Congress established it as an official national month in 1985 to honor the achievements of Black people throughout history. Discover the Skilled Nursing in Herndon.


Celebrate Black History Month in 2023 by taking a closer look at some of history’s famous Black nurses. Here are eight names you may not know, but should.

Ernest Grant

Ernest Grant became the first male president of the American Nurses Association in 2018. He’s best known for his specialty in treating burn victims. As an instrumental force in the care needs of burn victims during 9/11, he received the title Nurse of the Year in 2002.

Lillian Holland Harvey

Lillian Holland Harvey gained her nursing degree in 1939 and continued until she had her doctorate in 1966. She was first a director of the Tuskegee School for Nurses and became the Dean. Once she was the Dean, she pushed to transform the three-year nursing program into a full baccalaureate program.

Mary Eliza Mahoney

Mary Eliza Mahony was the first Black woman to get a nursing license. She entered the New England Hospital for Women and Children’s nursing program at the age of 33, and graduated just over a year later.

Estelle Massey Osbourne

She was the first Black woman to get a Master’s in Nursing, and became the first Black faculty member at New York University’s College of Nursing. During her career, she championed racial equality in nursing.

Della Raney

Despitethe rejection of the Army Nurse Corps, Della Raney soldiered on and wrote a letter to officials at the American Red Cross. That landed her the honor of being the first black nurse accepted into the Army Nurse Corps. She was, however, only allowed to treat Black soldiers.

Mary Seacole

You likely know the name Florence Nightingale, but have you heard of Mary Seacole? She ran the “British Hotel,” a hotel/nursing home for sick and injured soldiers during the Crimean War, situated close to the frontline in Scutari/Uskudar.

Susie King Taylor

Susie King Taylor was a nurse on the battlefield during the Civil War. Despite orders instructing her to leave them, she risked her safety to treat men suffering from smallpox.

Adah Belle Thoms

For 18 years, Adah Belle Thoms was the director of nursing at New York’s Lincoln Hospital, but she couldn’t officially be given the title because of her skin color. She co-founded the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses and championed the ability of Black nurses to serve in the Army Nurse Corps and American Red Cross Nursing programs during World War I.

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