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Benefits of Companion Care at Home Herndon VA

6 Situations Where Companion Care at Home Proves Beneficial

Your dad is getting older and lives alone. He doesn’t want to move, and you want to make sure he’s able to age at home. Companion care at home is extremely helpful in meeting these goals. Here are six situations where it has proven to help out.

You Live Far Away

Seven percent of family caregivers live more than two hours from the parent they provide support to. When you live too far away to stop in regularly, it can be difficult to provide the companionship your dad wants.

Instead of giving up your weekends to travel to his house and spend the weekend helping him out, let someone else help him throughout the week. Caregivers provide the support he needs with meals, transportation, housekeeping, and laundry. When you can visit, it’s not rushed hours of getting everything done before you have to leave.

Transportation Needs Conflict With Your Schedule

Your dad has several appointments each week. He works with a physical therapist, and he sees his doctors for follow-up appointments while his medications are being adjusted.

But, you can’t keep taking days off to drive him around. You want to attend the pressing appointments, but some of the shorter lab test days don’t seem as necessary. A companion care at home caregiver can drive him around instead.

You Work

Three out of four family caregivers report having to help out at least once a week. More than half have to stop by and help a parent multiple times per week.

You still work full-time. Your eight-hour day extends to ten hours when you add the commute from your home to work and back. If you stop at your dad’s house, that eats up more of your time.

Soon, you’re so busy with work and your dad’s care needs that you have no time left for yourself. It can strain relationships with your friends, children, and significant other. You need time to pursue your own interests.

Your Dad Resents Your Help

Sometimes, older adults do not like relying on their children for help. It makes them feel like they’re a burden. Your dad resents having your help.

Even though it doesn’t bother you, it does bother him. Sometimes, it’s easier for him to rely on a stranger for help. If that’s the case, make sure he has companion care at home caregivers to help when needed.

There’s Too Much to Do

You have too much to do each day. Your dad needs help with all three meals. He has errands to run each week. His house is large and takes time to clean.

With a professional caregiver helping with some of your dad’s to-do list, you can focus on the things you enjoy helping him complete.

You’re Sick

When you’re sick, you’re going to love having the peace of mind that you can stay home until you feel better. Your dad doesn’t have to be alone while you’re recuperating. His caregiver can stop in and help him with meals, transportation, housework, and other tasks on his to-do list.

Eventually, you’ll get over whatever you have. At that point, you can reduce the number of caregiver visits again or keep them and have more time for self-care to keep your immune system in the best possible condition.

Don’t hold off arranging the companion care at home services that your dad needs. Many families wait until it’s urgent. The stress of trying to make arrangements while also ensuring your dad’s care needs are met is draining. Arrange companion care at home in stages and increase it as his care needs become more demanding.

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