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6 activities to do with seniors


Everyone needs mental stimulation to live a healthy lifestyle, however this need is greatly amplified as we age. It is essential that seniors are stimulated mentally, physically, and socially to avoid depression and isolation. Studies have revealed that seniors who continue to participate in mentally and physically engaging activities daily remain lucid for longer periods of time. However, it is not always easy to come up with new ideas to engage seniors, here we provide a list of the 6 activities and guidelines that have proven to be successful achieving great results.

Below are a few activities you or your caregivers can do with elders to inspire them to have fun:

  1. Prepare a meal togetherPrepare a meal together

This is one of the activities caregivers can easily do with your loved ones… If your loved one has an old family recipe or a recently discovered recipe they would like to try, the caregiver along with your loved one can go on a quick grocery run, purchase ingredients and spend time preparing a new meal. This allows the senior to stay active, and a chance for the caregiver to educate the senior on nutrition.

  1. Watch their favorite show/movie

Scheduling regular visits during their favorite show and being truly present when their show comes on is an excellent strategy… The caregiver can watch the show with them and catch up or chat simultaneously. At times, just being remembered and having your presence is all they desire, and times like these can be more significant to them than you might think.

  1. Pick up a musical instrument

Music is a great way to improve anyone’s spirits in no time. It is always engaging to fiddle around with musical instruments, especially if your loved one has had experience with musical instruments in the past. It could be as simple as lap harps, thumb pianos, or recorders are all fun to experiment with. 

Go for a walk

  1. Go for a walk

Being indoors all the time can make anyone feel depressed, isolated, and imprisoned. That is why it is crucial for your loved one to get some fresh air daily, with expert supervision, of course.  Constant communication with them as well as the caregiver is necessary to ensure safety and well-being.  If they are disabled or need a walking aid, a quick stroll through the neighborhood is certainly sufficient as opposed to nothing at all. 

  1. Special Events in the community 

This step might require some prior research and planning. However, it presents a great opportunity for your loved one to connect with other seniors in the community as well. You can check if there is any senior fair going on in your neighborhood. Check out old daycare amenities for unusual activities or simply visit occasionally. 

  1. Arts and Crafts

Similar to board games, many hobbies will keep the elders engaged while enhancing their creativeness. Depending on the condition of the elder, these activities can vary from art to gardening and art. They might enjoy making greeting cards or knitting a scarf. They will have fun during these activities and have many lovely presents for the upcoming holiday season.


It’s not easy to find the perfect activity that’ll assist in pulling lonely seniors  from depression. However, it is our sense of duty and compassion that pushes us to continue trying.