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Skilled Nursing Care Sterling VA

5 Things to Know About Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing care is an aspect of home health care provided by skilled nurses. It helps with more advanced care needs where things like injections and IV lines are needed. Here are five things you should know about this level of care.

IV Treatments Are Done at Home

Your dad’s doctor has him getting IV antibiotics or antiviral medications to help his body recover from an infection or illness. Instead of having to stay in the hospital, he can have a nurse set up the IV line and administer the required medications.

His nurse is also able to monitor him for side effects and discuss medication changes with his doctor if he is not tolerating the medication well. Instead of having to go back to the hospital, the medication switch will take place at his home.

Incision Care

Does your dad have an incision after surgery? He’s going to have specific requirements when it comes to caring for his incision. If there’s an infection, he may need IV medications or prescription pills, and that usually means a trip to the doctor’s office.

Instead, he could have skilled nursing care help with medication administration. It’s a lot easier on him and keeps him out of germ-filled areas while he’s trying to recover.

Skilled Nursing Care Typically Requires a Doctor’s Recommendation

If your dad is hoping to use insurance to pay for some of his skilled nursing care, he has to talk to his doctor. Coverage isn’t guaranteed, but it’s almost certainly not going to be covered if his doctor doesn’t refer him.

In addition, your dad has to have a health condition that requires him to stay home or struggle finding suitable transportation because he’s in a wheelchair or uses a walker.

Injections Services

If your dad has any medications that are given through an injection, he may have to go to his doctor’s office to get them. If he’s disabled, getting to an office may be tough. Skilled nursing care includes injections. Instead of having to leave his home, he could have a registered nurse come to his home and give the injections he needs.

Health Checks

Your dad’s doctor wants his health and mood assessed regularly. This means checking his blood pressure, pulse, cognitive function, oxygen saturation, and emotional and mental health. A skilled nurse has the equipment and knowledge to do these checks and report the findings to the doctor.

How do you arrange the skilled nursing care services your dad needs? Start by talking to his medical team about what his care plan is going forward. If he leaves the hospital and goes home, what does he need?

If he’s been struggling with a cough and exhaustion and learns he has pneumonia, what does his doctor think about him recovering at home? What would nurses need to do to ensure he doesn’t have to go into a hospital for treatment? Once you know what skilled nursing care services are recommended, call an agency to arrange them. You’ll learn more about prices, possible insurance coverage, and schedules during this call.

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