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Medical Health Care with Love

As we transition from our youthful days to our senior days, our bodies go through certain changes. Some of these changes are involuntary and unwanted to say the least. Care with Love offers medical health care for your loved ones to help deal with these changes.

Problems such as speech impediments, limited mobility, and respiratory issues are among the few problems one might experience as they age.

Care with Love offers a full suite of medical health care services to help make your loved ones’ lives easier for them. We understand that most seniors are reluctant to ask for assistance and can often times be stubborn when asked if they need help.

At Care with Love, we take full measures to ensure that your loved ones feel as independent as possible while staying safe with our home health services. All our services are offered in the comfort of their own homes so there’s no need to transport them over far distances.

Physical Therapists

Care with Love provides a team of qualified & trained physical therapists to help seniors who suffer from lack of mobility with our senior medical care programs.

The team of physical therapists at our facilities take the initiative to get your loved one’s up & moving. Even if it’s just a few steps a day, our therapists will work with our patients to keep their bodies healthy and mobile.

Speech/Language Pathologist Therapy

Our professional speech pathologists are trained to evaluate, diagnose, & treat any speech and/or language disorders or difficulties.

Your loved ones can also have problems with swallowing as the body ages. Therapists at Care with Love are trained to evaluate and treat these problems as well as making everyday communicating and eating much more comfortable.

 Medical Health Care Social Workers

Care with Love also provides you with medical social workers who have access to some of the vital resources you and your loved ones may need. Resources such as specialized doctors, physicians, medications, and more.

Medical social workers at Care with Love can help simplify things and connect you to the right people & resources. Our medical social workers provide top-quality home health services that come second to none.

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